Farm Visit close to Bangalore old

A farm is a place which is alive and buzzing with life all the time. Thousands of plants, bees, butterflies, birds all keep a farm full of life. The only sounds you will hear will be the sounds of nature....bird calls, the hum of busy bees and the gentle wafts of the breeze. Come and enjoy a trip to our farm. 

You can learn all about the fundamentals of farming, and understand the difference between soil farming, coco peat farming, organic farming, hydroponic farming, and all the challenged of growing vegetables and fruits. You will get lots of insights as you understand the seeding, staging, growing and harvesting of vegetables. You will get to do some harvesting of vegetables for your meal and get to see all fresh herbs that grow on the farm.  

 Farm Day Visit Package. Minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 adults/kids.

- Rs. 1500 + gst per head for anyone 8 years and above.

- Rs 1000 + gst for kids age between 4 - 8 years old.

 - Free for Kids below 3 years old

Here is what all will happen during the farm visit:

On arrival, a Rosemary, Thyme, Peppermint Lemonade will be served. The farm tour will then commence. 

Farm Tour
During the tour, we will explain the ‘Sustainable model for Integrated Farming’ vision at Rassba Farm. All aspects of sustainability and integration of the value chain with be detailed. The different farming techniques that are practised at Rassba Farm will be shown. This includes soil farming, cocopeat farming, hydroponic farming, organic farming. The drip and micro irrigation systems, mulching practices, seeeing protocols, value added products processing, will all be explained. The recipient for the different organic farming mixes like Panchagavya, Jeeva Amruta, etc., will be explained. 


Lunch is served in an outdoor table set amidst the herb farm for a natural outdoor farm fresh ambience
Here is all that will be served at lunch. 
1) Rainbow Salad with a Yoghurt, tamarind paste and olive oil dressing
2) Bread platter with Herbed Focaccia with Rosemary, Herbed Garlic loaf, Herbed Baguette serves with Garlic & Herb butter, Herb Olive Oil and Marinated Pepper in Brine
3) Hommous, Labne-Hung curd with mustard oil and Roasted Herbed Peppers served with Herbed Pitta Bread
4) Red Penne Pasta made with Cherry tomatoes and farm fresh herbs
5) Rassba Pesto Spiralli sauce pasta
6) Stir Fried veggies with farm fresh greens and herbs
7) Margarita Pizza with Basil
8) Veggie Pizza with exotic veggies

For dessert, we serve a Rosemary Pannacota with Almond Crumble

Farm Activities
Guests and children can get a hands on experience of all aspects of farming after lunch, from deweeding, planting, harvesting, etc. Kids can take away what they plant to watch it grow at home. Farm equipment that is used will be shown and it’s importance in farming life will be explained. 

At the end of the say, the RASSBA Classic Blend Herbal Tea is served in the guest space set amidst art installations created out of waste materials, detailing the farmers journey and farming in India which will help guests appreciate and connect with the source of life-which is food.

Tea time
Rassba Classic Herbal tea with farm fresh herbs and honey and Capsicum Jerky as a snack

Would you like to enjoy this day like many others have done? Call Mr. CB Ram +91 98809 99925 to make a booking.